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Neiweipi Reservoir was once connected with the Northern Kaohsiung Water Storage Pond, and the area then consisted of a large expanse of water and wetlands. This body of water was linked with Lienchih Lake to the north, and a canal led south to the winding Love River. Mt. Chai screened Neiweipi to the west. Several thousand years ago, when the area was covered by a lagoon connected with the sea, the Makadao Tribe, a branch of the Pingpu aborigines, lived in Dagou Village by the Lagoon. After the Chinese settled in Taiwan, they established a village to south of the wetlands, and the built a stone wall around their settlement to defend them selves. The name "Neiweipi" is derived from this defended village.

There was once a time when Neiweipi's taro, water caltrops, and lotus roots were famous thoughout the Kaohsiung area. After spring thunder has awakened all the hibernating creatures, spring rains patter on the taro leaves, the breeze stirs the lotuses, and frogs call throughout the night. In summer, after a brief afternoon thundershower, white egrets elegantly sit on the backs of water buffalo in the marsh, completing a poetic image framed by a distant rainbow. The farmers hurry to harvest the lotus seeds and water caltrops in the fall, and birds escaping the northern cold start arriving with the approach of winter. Neiweipi has always been a great spot for birding.
Industry came to Neiweipi in the days when Taiwan was beginning its economic takeoff. An ironworks and a plywood factory were built close to each other, and the pond provided them with a water supply. When the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts' opening ceremony was held in 1990, Neiweipi had almost been completely filled with industrial waste. Neiweipi Cultural Park today encompasses 34 hectares of land bounded by Meishu east second Road, Meishuguan Road, Makadao Road, and Mingcheng Road. It contains the museum area, a lakeside area, a sculpture park, a nature park, a children' art museum, and an experimental contemporary art space. Neiweipi now offers scenery, nature, and art. Besides being a favorite spot of Kaohsiung residents, it has earned recognition as one of finest art and culture parks in the nation.

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