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Neiweipi Cultural Park
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The Neiweipi Cultural Park is situated in the northwestern part of Kaohsiung City, within the original area of Neiweipi. Defined by the natural topography, it combines mountains and water, and preserves rare wetland area. Sheltered by Mt. Turtle (Gueishan) and Mt. Banping (Banpingshan) on the north, the park
adjoins Mt. Longevity (Shoushan) on the west. The Love River flows nearby, creating a picturesque water and mountain landscape.

The Cultural Park covers roughly 41 hectares of land, and is bordered by Meishu E. 2nd Road, Meishuguan Road, Makadao Road and Mingcheng 4th Road. The brainchild of architects Lu You-yi and Chen Po-sen, the park has spent 17 years in the process of planning, design, and construction. Planning began in 1986, and the first phase of construction started in 1989. This phase of construction was completed in January 1994
with the completion of the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (KMFA) and a plaza. The second phase of work began in November 1999 and was completed at the end of 2000.

This phase saw work carried out throughout the park to make it more natural, including an artificial lake, wetland area, trails, an artificial island, a small stream, and grass and tree planting. The third phase was completed in October 2002 with the completion of a multistory parking facility and a visitor center.
Afterwards, the visitor center was modified to be the Children's Museum of Art, and a firefly
conservation area and a fountain plaza were built. The construction of the entire park was completed in January 2003. The Neiweipi Cultural Park, linked with the KMFA, offers people a multipurpose park where they can enjoy art, culture, leisure, ecology, and education at the same time.

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the Museum Architecture
the spring art festival
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picture 02
the sculpture at the lakeside
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Lotus Pond
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